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Baglioni Hotels asked me why I love London. It sounds like such a easy question but I had so many answers to give as London is simply that special. And why did they ask this question? Baglioni Hotels has an Instagram competition right now where you can win three nights in a Baglioni Suite in […]

Baglioni Why I Love London

Castle Trekking Near Padua

Castles with towers, moats and ramparts are notoriously the backdrop for great novels. The countryside of Padua is full of them….and they are in remarkably great shape. It doesn’t take much to feel like you have suddenly stepped back into the Middle Ages, with battle scenes and ladies in distress. Padua, or Padova, is only […]

Photo by Susan Nelson

Presenting 10 Italian Christmas Gift Ideas

The Christmas season is just around the corner and it’s not too soon to be shopping for Christmas gifts. At Italian Talks we are curious to discover what would make the best Italian Christmas gift. So we asked our fellow Italy lovers for their ideas. We were not surprised to discover that many gift ideas […]

photo by Baglioni Hotels

Celebrating Festa della Salute in Venice

If you are planning a trip to Venice in late fall, attending the Festa della Salute should be high on your list. This is an event that is dear to the hearts of all Venetians, and is an important event in this city’s rich history. When another devastating plague hit Venice in 1630, the Senate […]

Votive bridge in Venice - Photo by Karen Henderson

Verona sets the scene for traditional and street games

September has never been one of my favourite months. Summer is over and it’s back to school, which for many means the end of playing outdoors and the long, sunny days. However, for 11 years, the Association of Ancient Games in Verona has been determined to change the melancholy image of this month by organising […]

P'zz'canto' Photo by Giulia Zanoletti

Discover Bergamo – An Unforgettable Day Trip from Milan

Bergamo is an easy day trip from Milan, taking less than an hour by train. This scenic medieval city of 120,000 people is located in the Lombardia region of Italy in the foothills of the Alps. From Bergamo’s train station a one-euro bus ticket provides me with transportation up the hill to Bergamo Alta, the […]

Bergamo An inclined street

Exploring The Susa Valley In Piemonte

The Susa Valley is the longest valley in Italy, stretching just over 100 km (60 miles) from the western edge of  Turin all the way to the border with France. Forested hills lead to high snow-capped mountains as you travel along the valley floor toward the border. This passage has served as a main route […]

Mt Chaberton Photo by Lisa Watson

15 Awesome Facebook Groups for Italy Lovers

Facebook Groups are a key part of social media. They connect specific groups of people with a common interest, like those  head over heels in love with Italy like us at Italian Talks! These groups allow you to view and share updates, photos and posts related to the things you care about with others who […]

View of Rome from the Penthouse Suite at Baglioni Hotel Regina Photo by Baglioni Hotels

Venice – A City of Visual Beauty

The beauty of Venice has inspired artists, writers and lovers over the centuries and it continues to inspire just as powerfully in modern times. My first view of the city was from a small boat travelling down the Grand Canal to San Marco – it is a visual impression I will never forget and one […]

Photo by Bob Hill

Rialto Bridge: a Window to Venice’s Past…

The Rialto Bridge is arguably one of the most recognisable landmarks in the entire city of Venice. It stands proud over the Grand Canal linking the city with its commanding stone steps. This year 5 million euros were designated to start on a new restoration project to continue protecting the bridge. This article is a […]

Rialto Bridge Photo by Aaron Crrossley
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