A Fashion Blogger’s Unforgettable Stay in Milan 时尚博主们打飞的也要睡到的酒店

We are excited today to have a guest blogger from China, the fashion blogger Anny Fan writing for Italian Talks – our very first post in Chinese and English! Annie recently stayed in Milan at our very own Baglioni Hotel Carlton and shares her impressions below of the city and our hotel… 前几天在朋友圈看到一段极其赞同的话,旅行的意义并不是告诉别人这里我来过,而是通过认识更多的人,感受不一样的生活习惯和方式,让你的目光和心境变得更开阔,你会发现更多的生活意义,遇到更好的自己。 I totally […]

Photo credit Carlton Hotel Baglioni Amaranto Boutique

Florence’s Accademia: Devotion, Dedication and David

A couple of months ago I was lucky enough to visit Tuscany. Anyone who knows me understands my passion for history. Realizing that I was heading to Tuscany, a land that holds many important historical villages, towns and cities, you will appreciate that I was deeply excited. One of the buildings that I had the […]

Florence Accademia Photo by Aaron Crossley

Our Sicilian Summer – Culture and Conquest

Our Sicilian Road trip had begun! With our car windows down the warm evening air whistled past us. Hubby was focused on navigating the zippy car rental whilst I google-mapped him to the B&B at our first destination. It had just turned 10 pm as we made our way from Comiso airport to Ragusa. This […]

palermo- by Diego Mutinelli

Orvieto’s Hidden Wine Library

Underneath the former medieval Convent di San Giovanni in Orvieto lies the regional wine library of Umbria, in the Province of Terni. This was a wonderful discovery that happened while I was with a blog tour group in the Umbria region. I love wine, traditional Italian cuisine, and old monasteries so you can imagine my […]

Orvieto photo by Susan Nelson

My Unforgettable Day in Rome

To celebrate the new Baglioni Hotels “Unforgettable Day“ advertising campaign, we have invited Marilyn to share with us her own unforgettable day-long experience in Rome. My visit to Rome this year was all about new experiences. First of all, my brother Michele and his wife Roxanne joined me for a portion of my travels. I […]

Rome Colosseum Photo by Marilyn Ricci

The Feast of the Redentore, a Cherished Venetian Celebration

The Redentore celebrations are celebrated every year on the third Sunday in July to commemorate the freeing of the city from the plague, which by 1577 had killed one third of the population in just two years. Powerless to tackle the disease, the city’s authorities decided to make a vow: they would build a large […]

Redentore regatta Photo by Stefamia Matarrese

Impressions of Sicily

A few years ago I visited Sicily, an island of history, architecture, stunning landscapes – and of course, Mount Etna. As soon as I got off the plane, Sicily’s warm, scented air assailed my senses in a way that only the Mediterranean can. The island has something for everyone – and the warm climate, great […]

Sicily Photo by Michael David

San Galgano, an abbey under a roof of stars

We’re crossing the Val di Merse in the early warmth of a new summer that adds a touch of magic to tranquil fields where red poppies and golden sheaves add splashes of colour. A mystical silence reigns here in the south west of Siena, where the pace of life follows the rhythm of the seasons […]

San Galgano Photo by Raffaella Pensieri

Impressions of Venice

Venice continues to enchant visitors from across the globe with its unique geography, fascinating history, elegant facades and palaces – and of course, the iconic Grand Canal. I returned to this magnificent city for just a few days in early May and was greeted by balmy, bright weather that triggered lots of happy memories from past […]

The Grand Canal Venice Photo by Michael David

Explore the Antique Market in Arezzo

On the first Sunday and the preceding Saturday of each month Arezzo holds an amazing antique market. The tradition began in 1968 and it has grown to be one of the biggest antique markets in Italy, with around 500 exhibitors on a fine week end. The main part of the market is held in the […]

Piazza Grande Photo by Deba Kolkka
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