Italy, the art of living


The land of Leonardo and Michelangelo, of Fellini and Loren, of great winemakers, great designers, great people.

People with talent, with heart and character. People who keep going.

Italy is a place that can take your breath away with the beauty of its seascapes, its canals, its piazzas, its poplar-laced landscapes, its terracotta corners, its centuries-old olive trees. The beauty of its great basilicas and its shop windows. The beauty of its way of life.

Italy is the art of living. It’s a warm welcome, eyes wide in wonder. It’s fashion, it’s elegance, it’s the height of style. It’s history and tradition with a dash of contemporary brio.

And it’s the finest, most impeccable luxury hospitality, with Baglioni Hotels & Resorts, proud ambassador for Italian excellence.

It’s all here, waiting for you.

credits video: Pescaria

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