A gemstone at La Triennale di Milano: Viaggio in Italia (Trip in Italy)

Luigi Ghirri, Alpe di Susi, Bolzano, 1979

La Triennale di Milano pays tribute to Luigi Ghirri, one the great masters of contemporary photography, Italian and international, delighting the audience with a selection of photographs from the "Viaggio in Italia" or "Trip in Italy" exhibition, the project Ghirri supervised and headed in 1984, which became the manifesto of the "Italian school of landscape". The photographs, which are now part of the collections hosted at the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Milan, are for the first time presented to the public after their renovation financed by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities.
At the end of the 70's, Luigi Ghirri conceives an extraordinary project to "reinstate" the image of Italian landscape. Twenty photographers take part in the project "Viaggio in Italia" in 1984, most of them Italian: Olivo Barbieri, Gabriele Basilico, Giannantonio Battistella, Vincenzo Castella, Andrea Cavazzuti, Giovanni Chiaramonte, Mario Cresci, Vittore Fossati, Carlo Garzia, Guido Guidi, Luigi Ghirri, Shelley Hill, Mimmo Jodice, Gianni Leone, Claud Nori, Umberto Sartorello, Mario Tinelli, Ernesto Tuliozi, Fulvio Ventura, Cuchi White. Many of them today are artists very well known internationally.
The photographs of "Viaggio in Italia" promote a new visual model for the Italian landscape, which is examined in its primary elements thanks to an intellectual while yet emotional approach without rhetoric and stereotypes. These are snapshots taken on the road, apparently simple, which do not only depict the large cities, but also many local towns: far from being a sensationalist reportage, they are an open invitation to cast a glance into the day-by-day and the ordinary, abounding with the poetry of the landscape that surrounds us.
The exhibition displays 100 photographs from "Viaggio in Italia" and will be open from July 11 to August 26. A unique opportunity to take an insider's peek into the characteristic and less known corners of our country.

Luigi Ghirri, Alpe di Susi, Bolzano, 1979Barbieri Olivo, Pegognaga, Mantova 1982Basilico Gabriele_Milano 1980Chiaramonte Giovanni, Mottarone, Novara 1980Cresci Mario, Stigliano, Potenza 1983Fossati Vittore, Oviglio, Alessandria 1981Garzia Carlo, MetapontoGuidi Guido, Villa Fossa, Cesena 1972Jodice Mimmo_1981Leone Gianni_Giardino a Cozze di Bari 1983Nori Claude_Rimini 1983
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