Design with Italian flair takes centre stage at the Fuori Salone (Fringe Events)

ENZO MARI - Ferri Forgiati

Here comes the Furniture Fair and, as happens every year, Milan is shaken by a wave of creativity and genius called Fuori Salone (Fringe Events), a phenomenon not easily found anywhere else in the world.
Hundreds of events scattered throughout the city, one after the other, day and night, from 8th to 14th April: From top brands to young designers, there’s room for everyone.
Not all events and, most importantly, not all exhibition spaces are equal, though. When a prestigious location such as the Carlton Hotel Baglioni, a showcase for Italian excellence in the high-class hotel industry, offers its facilities to host a premiere exhibition, that’s when the combination reaches perfection!

The luxurious hotel in Via Senato hosts the “Enzo Mari and Italian contemporary design” exhibition during the entire duration of the Fair: Works by the twentieth century Italian design master will be on display, together with a selection of limited edition or unique objects and research projects by established and emerging contemporary Italian designers.
The aim of the exhibition is to lay the foundations of a hypothetical handover by the great masters of the twentieth century, represented here by the work of Mari, to the last three generations of designers, casting down that sense of awe that has limited the Italian movement for years at the expense of foreign ones.
The intent is to rediscover that direct line, that inextricable DNA which binds together all forms of Italian craft know-how: The quality of design, the quality of workmanship and attention to detail, which has distinguished us for centuries and which we export throughout the world.

Tradition is reinvented in the works of contemporary designers who adapt classical rules, if it even is a classical issue, to the modern era. The watchwords therefore become: Recycle, reuse and processing. Materials and objects come back to life, initially in sketches in studios and then in the hands of skilled artisans in their workshops.
The exhibition is hosted in the novel Amaranto concept store at the Carlton Hotel Baglioni, in the heart of the fashion district. A space that is unique in its kind, designed to accommodate finely crafted creations, an expression of true tailoring craftsmanship, an Italian and international observatory on elegance, style and original trends.

The exhibit bravely departs from the usual approach normally reserved for insiders, carving out its own space on the agendas of lovers of contemporary Italian design, as one of the must-see events of the Fuori Salone 2013.

Here is the list of the designers who will be exposed: Enzo Mari, Paolo Ulian, Donata Paruccini, Lorenzo Damiani, Massimiliano Adami, Antonio Cos, Giorgio Bonaguro, Cristina Celestino.

ENZO MARI - Ferri ForgiatiANTONIO COS - Dejà Vù CollectionCRISTINA CELESTINO - Veneer CollectionDONATA PARUCCINI - Bulbi Vase CollectionGIORGIO BONAGURO - Roots Vases CollectionLORENZO DAMIANI - DL 152MASSIMILIANO ADAMI - Untitled 303.12PAOLO ULIAN - Una seconda vita

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