Leonardo Da Vinci: a timeless genius tours the world


If you couldn't catch him at the Metropolitan Museum in New York, if you just didn't have time to pay a visit to the National Gallery in London, Leonardo da Vinci is waiting for you in his home country with truly unmissable events.

The Genius of Leonardo, the exhibition which toured the world over the last few years, has now arrived in Turin, with its unique and exceptional style conceived by the set designer and academy award winner Dante Ferretti. In the Scuderia Grande (Grand Stable) of the Royal Palace of Venaria you will be guided on a journey of art, multimedia, and special effects, with 25 original autographed drawings, valuable national and international items on loan, tens of manuscripts and a series of works from the 16th to the 21st century, to witness how modern and contemporary artists have drawn inspiration from Leonardo's ingenuity.

If you're eager to learn more about Leonardo da Vinci and you happen to be in Rome, you can, instead, visit the exhibition "Machines of Leonardo" showcased within the Palace of the Chancellery. Just a few steps away from the Capitoline Museums, you can admire 50 machines conceived by Leonardo: from flying ones to the forerunner of the parachute, from the bicycle to the hydraulic saw, and many more.

Otherwise, if you prefer to visit Italy's fashion capital, the Last Supper is certainly one of the most interesting and fascinating works by Da Vinci. Milan is proud custodian of the Last Supper, which without a doubt deserves a tour.

We suggest that you book your visit well in advance: waiting lists can be incredibly long!

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