The Museo del Novecento celebrates Tecnica Mista


The Museo del Novecento (Museum of the Twentieth Century) in Milan celebrates the so-called Tecnica Mista (Mixed Media) with an exhibition that will be open to the public until September 9.
The enormous changes in the art of the Twentieth century were not only formal – such as the decomposition of the image and abstraction – but also technical. In addition to the use of traditional means, the adoption
of experimental or everyday materials has broadened expressive possibilities, but at the same time, has rendered artworks far more complex in terms of technique and more fragile as far as their conservation is concerned.
This exhibition intends to take a look behind the scenes of Twentieth century art in order to understand how and why artists invented new techniques like collage, assemblage, and photomontage or used new kinds of materials or media like plastic and video.
Each technique is explained through a brief technical and historical excursus, and is exemplified by a work from the museum’s collection. Exhibited on occasion of the exhibition are relatively unknown works from the heritage of the Museo del Novecento as well as new donations. This is emblematic of the vast activity perfused by a museum that opened to the public only a year ago. 
Throughout the exhibition one finds citations from the essay “Tecnica mista” (Mixed Media), published by Bruno Mondadori in 2006, and written following a study of a number of works on show at the Museo del Novecento today. This text has been republished as the exhibition catalogue.
A special guide has been created for children that " through simple activities" helps the younger ones understand the most innovative techniques in Twentieth century art. The Museum is situated in one of the most impressive locations of Milan, Piazza Duomo and with its beautiful full-length winodw looks onto the major tourist attractions of the city. One more reason for you not to miss the opportunity to visit the artworks on display.

Rondinone Ugo Once Upon a time 2004 stampa lamda montata su alluminio, ed.1-5, cm 160x200 Museo delMastrovito Andrea Enciclopedia dei fiori da giardino, 2009 carta patinata cm 240x180 Museo del NovecDell' Angelo Marta  Agente-Agisce-Agito 2011 Installazione da performance. Sedie, disegni, monitor,.

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