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Margie Miklas is an American writer living in Florida, with a passion for travel, and especially, Italy. She writes the blog, Margie in italy, where you can follow her travels in Italy. She is the author of Memoirs of a Solo Traveler – My Love Affair with Italy, My Love Affair with SicilyColors of Naples and the Amalfi Coast. , and her recently released novel, Critical Cover-Up. You can also find her on Twitter , Pinterest, Instagram, and FaceBook.

Susan Nelson


Susan Nelson is an American Travel writer whose love for Italy began 12 years ago when she took a two week whirlwind tour of this lovely country. Since then she has been back several times only to fall more deeply in love with the culture, history, people and beauty of this country. Susan has written over 100 posts on her blog, Timeless Italy Travels,, and has done guest posts for Browsing Italy, Boomer Women Travelers among a few other online travel publications. You can most always find her in her home office researching and writing new articles that intrigue her about Italy. Follow Susan on Twitter and Instagram.

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La dolce vita for me sums up Victoria’s passion and love for all things Italian. An American (with deep Italian roots) living in California, her heart is always in Italy. As a travel consultant, blogger, writer, and published author, Victoria loves sharing practical no-nonsense travel tips and insights as well as her own experiences from a personal and light-hearted point-of-view.

Victoria loves writing on her travel blog,  and invites you to join her there as well as on Facebook, Twitter, Italian Notebook, and L’Italo-Americano.  She now offers unique boutique and personalized experiences in Italy with Victoria!   anVictoria’s Travel TipZ Italian Style , her  book (about Italy, of course!), is now available on Amazon.

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An Australian writer who lives part of the year in Brisbane and part of the year in Bagni di Lucca in northern Tuscany. Travel is her favorite pastime. Debra shares her travel experiences on her two blogs, Bagni di Lucca and Beyond, and Bella Bagni di Lucca. Her fashion background provides her with a keen eye for detail, which makes her travel discoveries even more interesting.

 Photo by Karen Henderson


Karen Henderson is an American writer who now lives in Venice. She and her husband Michael moved to Venice in 2008 to escape the rat race of their hectic American careers. Karen blogs about their transition to expat life and their daily adventures in Venice on her blog, The Venice Experience.

  • Stanley Moss


    Stanley Moss is a brand guru, philosopher, global gypsy, writer, and artist whose new novel, The Hacker, was recently published in India. He’s CEO of a Stockholm-based think-tank on international branding, a faculty member at Verona’s Academia di Belle Arti Cignaroli, and Travel Editor for a New Zealand fashion magazine. Based in Vicenza, he thrives on food, conversation and multiple cups of Italian coffee. Stanley writes for Lucire and also has his own blog.

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    Jennifer Martin is an American writer who fell in love with Italy over 10 years ago when she studied abroad in Florence. She has returned there 7 times including her recent marriage in the town of Bucine. Her love and passion for Italy not only comes from her experience of living there, but also due to her Italian roots. She has traveled all over Italy and has experienced so many beautiful cities, wines, foods and traditions of each region that she loves to share with the world. Vino Travels is her blog focused on Italian wines and travel. She also recently has published her first book, Planning Your Dream Wedding in Tuscany,”  which is available on Amazon. You can subscribe to her blog or follow her on Twitter , Facebook and Pinterest.

  • Aaron Crossley in Venice


    Aaron Crossley is a Heritage Professional, writing and commenting on how governments and organizations protect and conserve our global heritage. Follow him on Twitter and read his blog on Venice at

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         BOB HILL

Bob lives with his family in the UK and although his career in the automobile industry has involved business travel to many parts of the world, he is a keen leisure traveller with a particular love of Italy, its people, landscape and culture.  He is a photographer and painter and his visits to Italy provide the material for decorative and documentary photography as well as for oil paintings. You can see some of his pictures at
You can also follow Bob on Twitter @blueeyedegret

  • Photo by Lisa Watson


    Lisa Watson’s real passion for Italy and Italian food began nearly twenty years ago in a small restaurant in Tavernelle di Pisa, near Firenze, with a plate of fresh tagliatelle smothered in truffles. She has traveled extensively throughout Italy and Europe. Lisa is a New Zealander living in South-Eastern France, who is married to an Italian. She travels to Italy frequently to visit family and enjoy the wealth of culture and good food available there. She writes a blog called Italian Kiwi to share her love of cooking and travel, which has become such a huge part of her life since that first taste of “real Italian” pasta many years ago. You can find Lisa on Google+, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

  • Photo by Michael David

    Michael David is a London-based photographer who also worked in digital communications in the British government,  where he was also an official photographer. This included photo shoots at 10 Downing street and Buckingham Palace. Follow him on Twitter, and view his photography at . You can also read his photo blogs on


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Rick Zullo is an American writer, teacher, and relentless Italophile. He was born in Chicago, raised in Florida, but always dreamt of Italy. After a 17-year career in dentistry, he left the United States to live in Rome where he met his wife. He is now writing a series of eBooks which strive to decipher Italian culture for the English speaking world, which can be found on his Amazon Author Page.Rick maintains his personal blog at and you can also find him on Facebook and Twitter. He invites your comments, questions and even criticisms.

            • Valentina Giampieri


              She’s 35 years old and her intriguing relation with journalism has now been ongoing for 10 years. She has worked with several and renowned magazine headings like Glamour, Starbene, Riders, GQ, and But writing is not her only passion!  She is a passionate fan of movies and music too, so much that she enjoys performing as a DJ at events for a radio program on Radionation. This hobby brings her to follow the best shows scheduled in Italy up close, and she will be giving you the inside picture on Italian Talks.

            • Caterina Parrello


              A young architect, she lives and works in Milan, where she has fine-tuned her expertise in the realm of art, architecture, and design. She has been collaborating for many years now with top national newspaper headings that discuss interior decor and furnishing and architecture. Thanks to her larger than life and engrossing personality, she is committed with passion to all that is innovative and stimulating, experimenting new and creative contents with originality. With Caterina you will have the opportunity to experience Italian art and design with the gaze of someone who has made them her lifetime passion.

            • Paola Sucato

              PAOLA SUCATO

              A blogger, a web and social media consultant, but also a freelance reporter for some of the newspaper headings in the food and tourism industries. She has worked with the cuisine editorial staff of She loves to talk and write about cuisine and swears she cooks every day of the week and kneads dozen of exquisite bread loaves at least once a week. She loves Italian cuisine and would like to see Italians be more active as spokesmen in the world for Italian food. This is why she will be the one to guide you through the most exclusive  and sought-out events on a discovery of true Italian taste.

            • Paola Toia

              PAOLA TOIA

              She has a wild fixation for fashion, a keen interest for traveling, and a stimulating attraction for fine cuisine. She has worked with a vast number of established editorial offices, pursuing her passion for writing. Enamored with the web and intrigued by Social Networks and the fashion community which has developed over the recent years, she gave into the temptation of opening her own blog, Le Temps de Framboises (The Time of Raspberries), where she recounts her passions with an ironic spirit. She will be covering all happenings and events in the country of fashion par excellence for  Italian Talks.

            • Mart Engelen

              MART ENGELEN

              A photographer born in the Netherlands, but who resides in France.
              His works are influenced by “French Humanism” and draw inspiration from the aesthetics of French film noir. His work can be found in a growing number of private and public collections in Europe and the United States.
              His devotion to black & white photography led to the creation of the six-monthly #59 Magazine, of which he is the founder, editor-in-chief and photographer.

            • John Heseltine

            • JOHN HESELTINE

              An English photographer who lives in the Southeast of France and works all over Europe.  His inspiration is everyday objects, confined spaces and their potential to form a projection of the self.
              His aim is to define the transitional nature of places and things, the fragile boundaries of our comfortable domestic habitat, the occasional futility of human effort and the intricate weaving of the past with the present with the firm certainty that: “anything can become interesting if you just stare at it long enough.

            • Fausto Borella

            • FAUSTO BORELLA

              He was supposed to have followed in the footsteps of his distinguished hometown criminal lawyer father, but fate led him to encounter Gino Veronelli, the first journalist, philosopher and spokesman of fine dining and wine. It is now 6 years since Fausto Borella created the “Accademia Maestro d’olio” (The Academy of Oil Masters), through which he organizes courses across Italy to discover the finest extra-virgin olive oils. Two years ago he created the first online guide for oil with food & wine. Fausto’s mission is to bring enthusiasts of the “bien vivre” (living well or well-being) closer to the exceptional taste of over 300 Italian varieties of oil.

            • Mel Gee Henderson

              MEL GEE HENDERSON

              Mel is a travel writer, Film Producer and TV host. For Mel, travel is like air. She cannot live without it! Mel thrives on serendipitous encounters, embraces the unexpected adventure, and charms locals everywhere.  Combining her work as a seasoned journalist with her philanthropic activities, introduced Mel to the globetrotting lifestyle, and took her everywhere, from gatherings on the French Riviera to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. It’s the desire to share these uniquely varied experiences that motivated Mel to create the inspiring PBS SoCal television series ESCAPESEEKER, remarking, “Anything I can do, my viewers can do,” and enthusiastically adding with a smile, “they just need to take that leap of faith!”

            • Silvia Marzucchi

              SILVIA MARZUCCHI

              She took her first steps in the fashion world in the press office of Alberta Ferretti, but her curiosity took her elsewhere, first to Condé Nast and then to Mondadori, where she discovered a passion for online journalism. In her free time she likes to act as a merciless judge of fashion for TuStyle. For her, fashion is art, certainly not just a pretty dress. She constantly repeats: “Every trend hides a reason that is to be understood and not simply worn”! Between one move and another, by now travelling at the speed of light, she will tell you about the relationship between art and fashion in Italian manufacture!








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