The real jewel of Venice? Glass!


A journey around museums, small shops and internationally renowned brands to discover a material that has shaped the history of the Republic of Venice – as simple as it is fascinating and mysterious.

The way Venetian glassware is processed is famous worldwide and the island of Murano contains the history and secrets of this ancient art. That's why you cannot but visit the Glass Museum of Murano before moving on to shopping for jewellery and design objects, all strictly made of glass! Once inside Palazzo dei Vescovi di Torcello, home to the museum, you will find yourself facing the largest historical collection of Murano glass, with pieces produced between the 15th and 20th centuries, including world-famous masterpieces.

If you want to go deeper, taking advantage of the opportunity for another trip round the Laguna, from 8 April 2013 on the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore sees the opening of the exhibition: Fragile? The exhibition will remain open until 28 July 2013.

After this brief cultural break, you can finally dedicate yourself to the fun part of your trip: shopping! Start with Ori di Venezia and its shop in Via Rampa Cavalcavia 26, 30172 Venice. A brand of international fame in the production of Venetian glass beads and murrine or “millefiori”. The production techniques are the same as Murano’s glass masters, so that no two creations are the same.

Another world-famous brand is L’antica Murrina. In its flagship shop in Piazza San Marco in Venice, you can find creations in blown glass encapsulating a perfect combination of secular working, style, creativity and innovation.
If you want something really special you have to pay a visit to Moulaye Ning Lab in Calle Crosera 3902/A in Venice. Here you will find necklaces of glass beads and ebony that are unique and cosmopolitan! Meanwhile, in the Jewish Ghetto, a magical corner of Venice, lies a treasure trove of glass jewellery and precious metals: Note di Luce.
On the other hand, for those looking for objects and small pieces of furniture, a must-see is Techne in Campo S. Maria Nova.

Silvia Marzucchi

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