30 Mouthwatering Italian Food Tweets

Photo by Paula Sweet at Hotel Luna Baglioni

Food is usually near the top of the list for anyone who visits Italy. So at Italian Talks we decided to ask our Twitter followers to send us their favorite Italy food-related tweets so that we would share them in a post.

Spoiler alert: you will probably be hungry before you finish reading this post. Buon appetito!

Georgette Jupe
@girlinflorence Feeling like Italian royalty with these fancy chocolate & mint concoctions from the Florian Tea Room in Florence

Photo by @girlinflorence

Penny Sadler
@PennySadler   Formaggio di fossa just one of the delicious local  cheeses we have tasted

Photo by Penny Sadler
Susan Nelson

@evabellalucia Dinner in the Umbrian Hills at Agriturismo Nido del Falcone

Photo by Susan Nelson

Lora from Savoring Italy
@savoringItaly There are certain unforgettable flavors you can find only in Sicily

Photo by Lora at Savoring Italy

Eating Europe Tours
Interview with our cannoli pastry chef extraordinaire! http://goo.gl/IqZh8H #rome #food #eatingitaly

Photo by Eating Europe Tours

 Laura Thomas
@LauraMTARX: Nutella, my fave. http://t.co/PZsDRwcLib

Beautiful Puglia
@BeautifulPuglia Easy to make and tasty the Chiacchiere are a typical dessert of #Carnevale http://t.co/r5RLRoR0yp

Photo by Beautiful Puglia

 Joe LaPanna, CSW
@jlapanna Roman lunch overlooking the Piazza di Spagna

Photo by Joe LaPanna

@Lombardis1 Lombardis Italian in Chesterfield England beautiful place fillets. #gusto

Photo by Lombardi's

Vino Travels
@vinotravels21 A pairing of Puglia: Primitivo with Orecchiete, Broccoli Rabe & Baked Eggplant

Photo by jennifer Martin
Tom Weber
@TomPalladioink #Borlotti #bean #soup is a fave #zuppa around the #Veneto during #wintertime #foodie #BuonAppetito

Photo by Tom Weber
 Italian Notes
@ItalianNotes Vitello tonnato di Marta Grassi from Ristorante Tantris in Novara – Recipe – http://goo.gl/tej3yV

Photo by Italian Notes
 Maria Pasquale
@HeartRome First home lunch in Rome went well! #rome #food http://goo.gl/lPejrH

Photo by Maria Pasquale

 Raleigh Hussung
@lovefromItalia Tagliolini Tartufo at Osteria ala Piazza! Great little place on the road to Panzano. Delicious!

Photo by Raleigh Hussung

Coral Lelah
@curiousappetite Italian pastries on today’s #florence #foodtour: Light, fluffy creamy Fedora, chocolate rum truffle and panforte pic.twitter.com/92e4BYONfM Photo by Coral Lelah

Victoria De Maio
@ladolcevita4me The Secret Ingredient in Cucina Povera is… http://goo.gl/35sDeD #foodie #tradition

Photo by Victoria De Maio

Lisa Watson
@italiankiwiblog At least once in your life, you should eat Castelmagno: one of the most expensive cheeses in Italy!

Photo by Lisa Watson

Sophie Dingle
@sophie_dingle Cheese heaven at Mercato Centrale #florence

Photo by Sophie Dingle
Orna O’Reilly

@OrnaOR  #Cicchetti in #Venice #food What could be better?

Cicchetti in #Venice Photo by Orna O'Reilly

Valerie du Monceau
@our venice Clams are steamed in wine, butter, and herbs. When the clams are gone, dip Italian bread in the broth.

Photo by @ourvenice

Cathy Sweeney
@TravelingwithS Black gold! Memories of Emilia-Romagna: Hunting for truffles with @VecchioConvento and savoring them at breakfast. http://goo.gl/qoZjPy
Photo by Cathy Sweeney

Ishita Sood
@Italophilia Black Squid Ink Pasta with a backdrop of Venetian canals, who wouldn’t fancy that?? #Italy #Foodporn

Photo by Ishita Sood
Helen Swindlehurst
@fliss59 Nothing better than a lovely steaming bowl of ribollita on a drizzly day in #Italy or a simple grilled sole overlooking #Lago di Garda

 Ann Jurmain
@andj7871  Italy ~ my favorite country & food I learned to cook artichoke lasagna on my visit to Tuscany. Yummy

Ann Jurmain Photo

Diana Skok Corridori

Say I love you with a delicious Tiramisu’ ! mylittleitaliankitchen.com/individual-tir…

Photo via @@cucinareitalia

The Food Journey
@thefoodjourney My Italian grandpa life-advice: “pick a partner able to make homemade pasta and good coffee. The rest is negotiable”

Photo by The Food Journey

She said, ‘I hope you’re not one of those American girls who can’t eat a whole pizza’. I knew I liked her!
Don’t miss out on a hearty plate of bucatini all’ amatriciana when in #Rome
Photo by Browsing Italy

Margie Miklas
@MargieMiklas This cacio e pepe from Roma Sparita in #Trastevere was to die for!!

Photo by Margie Miklas Cacio e pepe in Rome, Italy

Baglioni Hotels
@Baglioni_Hotels: English Afternoon Tea with added Italian flair!  http://t.co/zJ1JuIiRbw http://t.co/1JGsNDAMNR

Photo by Cristina Carducci

Feature image by Paula Sweet at Luna Hotel Baglioni.

We’d love to hear your feedback on these tweets. Please leave a comment or tweet your own Italy-related food tweets to @ItalianTalks. Grazie.

Concierge Tip: Enjoy preparing authentic Italian food at home? Check out the personal recipes of Chef Cosimo Giampaolo of Canova restaurant.

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  1. Raleigh Hussung

    Delicious! Great pics....so excited to be included! YUM!

    • Italian Talks (@ItalianTalks)

      Grazie mille, Raleigh for contributing. We appreciate all your support and enjoy your photos.

  2. Victoria De Maio

    Love this post and loved being included! It shows the beautiful diversity of Italy's cuisine! Edible art to be sure. Buon appetito!

    • ItalianTalks Italian Talks Author

      Grazie, Victoria. we are so happy that you contributed. Always enjoy your blog

  3. Jennifer Martin (Vino Travels)

    A fun browsing of Italian foods from lots of great bloggers!

    • Italian Talks (@ItalianTalks)

      Grazie Jennifer for being a part of this fun post..We love your blog about wine and wineries in Iatly

  4. Jean

    Agreed with the first person on sityang in the Alps. The Dolomites in Italy that's my favorite, it's unearthly beautiful. And since its so far north, it almost doesn't seem like Italy anymore, but Switzerland, or even Germany. And while at it, why not Switzerland? It has the best of both (three!) worlds, with national languages of German, Italian, and French Switzerland is one of my favorite countries in this world. And since it's entirely in the middle of the Alps, you'll be guarenteed some snow. Try Lake Geneva or Lake Como, or Bern I've never been to Bern, but hear amazing things about it, all younger people I know who go there, love it. And I belive it's a german speaking town?

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