Why I Love Rome – Top 20 Photos from Italy Bloggers

View of Rome from the Penthouse Suite at Baglioni Hotel Regina Photo by Baglioni Hotels

All roads lead to Rome and more than 12 million tourists a year visit the Eternal City. Enjoy these images collected from top Italy bloggers who clearly share their passion for Rome.

La Grande Bellezza! Baroque, breathtaking, bellissimo…Bernini! For me Rome is Bernini, Bernini is Rome. #WhyILoveRome
Victoria De Maio from PostcardZfromVictoria

photo by Victoria De Maio

The magnificent Baths of Caracalla
Debra Kolkka from Bagni di Lucca and Beyond

Photo by Debra Kolkka

Rome’s rich art: A wine lover’s statue inside the Vatican Museum
Jennifer Martin from Vino Travels

photo by Jennifer Martin

Autumn evening in #Rome #JaniculumHills #VittorianoMonument #skyline @OrnaOR
Orna O’Reilly from Orna O’Reilly: Travelling Italy

Photo by Orna O'Reilly
Zipping through the old Appian way on vintage fiat 500’s and vespas, just another reason #WhyILoveRome http://goo.gl/Or0iLa
Georgette Jupe from Girl In Florence

photo by Georgette  Jupe

Motorcycle alleys with Ivy-draped buildings near the Pantheon in Rome
Susan Nelson from Timeless Italy

 PHOTO BY Susan Nelson

“The best museums in #Rome are often churches in your own neighborhood. #WhyILoveRome”
Rick Zullo from Rick’s Rome

Photo by Rick Zullo

Climbing the stairs to the cupola at St Peter’s made the view from the top so worthwhile #WhyILoveRome
Margie Miklas from Margieinitaly

Photo by Margie Miklas View from the cupola at St Peter's Vatican Rome

The cafe at the Chiostro del Bramante in Rome is a favorite spot for an aperitivo or hot chocolate with the kids and browsing in the bookstore. #WhyILoveRome
Shannon Kenny from Elaia Travel

Photo by SHannon Kenny

The Eternal city is an explosion of an ancient civilization with a modern city. Unpredictable and exciting, it is where I made the decision to move to Italy. For that reason, it will always hold a place in my heart.
Lisa Condie from A Better Way to Italy

vatican staircase Lisa Condie

Piazza Navona. Bernini’s Fountain of the 4 Rivers/Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi. Massive river god!
Melissa Muldoon from Studentessa Matta Blog

photo by Melissa Muldoon
Memories of Rome
Kathy McCart from @KathyMcCart

Photo by Kathy McCart
When you visit Rome, it quickly becomes evident that Rome itself is probably the world’s greatest gallery of visual art.
Robert Hill from Bob Hill Visual Art

Don’t miss seeing this engineering marvel- The Acqueducts. It’s absolutely worth the cab ride!
Karen Henderson from The Venice Experience

Photo by Karen Henderson
Piazza Navona is a little fairytale like at any time of year
Maria Pasquale from heartrome.com

Photo by Maria Pasquale
Visit the best pizzeria in Rome with The Roman Food Tour
Henry from The Roman Food Tour

photo by The Roman Food Tour
Reason number 375 that I love Rome. The light.
Gillian McGuire from www.gillianslists.com

Winter in Rome _ Sunset _ www.gillianslistscom

It’s hard to comprehend the majesty and scale of St. Peter’s Basilica until you are actually standing inside of it. Most churches would fit inside the space of the basilica’s dome, with room to spare.
Domenica Marchetti from Domenica Cooks

St. Peter's dome Photo by Domenica Marchetti
Live a personal and unforgettable experience with a visit to the Eternal City.
Massimo Moretti from Rome Tourism

Nothing reflects the power or ingenuity of ancient Rome like the aqueducts
Diana Skok Corridori from Vino Vita Viaggi

Photo 2  by Diana Skok Corridori

#WhyILoveRome for the warm Mediterranean light and the reflections in the Tiber.
Penny Sadler from Adventures of a Carry-on

 Rome bridge  Photo by Penny Sadler

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Featured photo by Baglioni Hotels

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