A Fashion Blogger’s Unforgettable Stay in Milan 时尚博主们打飞的也要睡到的酒店

Photo credit Carlton Hotel Baglioni Amaranto Boutique

We are excited today to have a guest blogger from China, the fashion blogger Anny Fan writing for Italian Talks – our very first post in Chinese and English! Annie recently stayed in Milan at our very own Baglioni Hotel Carlton and shares her impressions below of the city and our hotel…

I totally agree with my friends when they say that the purpose of travel is not simply to tell people I have been somewhere, but to fully experience that place. By keeping your eyes and mind open, you discover different traditions and understand the people behind them, maybe even finding extra meaning in your own life.


Anny in Milan

On this visit to Milan my schedule was packed, but fortunately the hotel made my life easy. Although I was tired after attending the fashion show, I felt very relaxed from the first moment I stepped into my hotel. I really enjoyed the cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

ph a

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Baglioni Hotel Carlton really was the ideal place to stay for my fashion-oriented visit, and the next time you come to Milan, I strongly recommend you stay there too!

I always try to experience the lifestyle of the local people during my trip. This is very important to me.

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The location of Baglioni Hotel Carlton in the centre of Milan is excellent, close to the Duomo and Montenapoleone. It is very convenient for anyone who loves shopping.

Apart from the location, I really appreciated my experience at Baglioni Hotel Carlton in the way it offered me access to an authentic Milanese way of living. This helped me understand what the real European lifestyle is about.

ph c

The hotel’s design is itself an artistic masterpiece, expressing Italian style through a combination of modern and classic elements which perfectly reflect Milan.

photo batthroom

The hotel has a very elegant look, with every detail reflecting good taste and luxury.


I really love this big balcony, with a view over ancient Milan.

There is also a very comfortable open lounge area where you can relax and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

Photo by Baglioni Hotels

Don’t forget to check out the hotel’s SPA.

The hotel also provides a range of personalized services to meet the different needs of its clients.

The hotel is already very active and popular on Instagram.

Baglioni Hotel Carlton is a popular choice among fashion bloggers which gives the place a real fashion vibe. On your next visit you might even meet one of them in the hotel!

photo Caffe Baggioni

Baglioni巴廖尼酒店的咖啡店Caffe Baglioni也非常出名,这次时装周经常能看到时尚圈花蝴蝶们来这里聚会,坐在这里你就可以真真切切的体验米兰的城市艺术文化与时尚。
Caffé Baglioni is quite unique and I always see many fashionistas in there, enjoying the art and fashion of Milan.


Baglioni lunch也非常特别,厨师秉承健康理念精心烹制每一道美食。
I enjoyed my lunch here too. All the dishes are thoughtfully designed and based on the concept of healthy eating.


Baglioni Hotels – A Short History
1974年Roberto Polito先生在托斯卡纳的蓬塔阿拉买下他的第一幢建筑,从此和妻子一起缔造了这个充满意大利风情和文化的巴廖尼。
Mr. Roberto Polito bought his first hotel in Tuscany, where he first launched Baglioni Hotels.

photo 6

Right now Baglioni Hotels have 9 unique hotels in different cities, each located conveniently in the heart of its destination. Six of them are in Italy, two in France and one in London – with another to be opened next year in the Maldives.

每家Baglioni巴廖尼酒店都散发着意大利的气息。值得一提的是Baglioni 罗马酒店最有特色的套房罗马阁楼,一间590平米的公寓,可以从最美的视角360°观赏永恒之城,听起来就是一个独特、震撼又惊奇的体验~
You can feel the authentic Italian style of each hotel. I have to mention that in the Baglioni Hotel Regina in Rome, there is a unique suite – an apartment of 590 square metres, which allows you to gaze over the eternity city with a 360 degree view.  A very unique and awesome experience which I hope to try one day!


If you are interested in learning more, please follow the official wechat channel of Baglioni Hotels (ID: baglionihotels) or follow them on Instagram to enjoy an unforgettable Italian stay.

I wish you all the best on your travels!

You can follow Anny on her blog, weibo and on Instagram.


Concierge tip:   Feel at home with our special Chinese breakfast at Baglioni Hotel Carlton in Milan, served every day from 7am to 11 am. It includes noodles, tofu, rice, soy beans, freshly-made Chinese bread and a range of typical Chinese condiments.













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