Dive in the Maldives with us


Diving in the Maldives is a unique experience, whether you are an experienced diver or a beginner. Stay at the Baglioni Resort Maldives and come to discover the incredible adventures at the Magaau Dive Centre.


A true paradise for lovers of marine life: wear fins and dive in. You’ll find extraordinary underwater mountains rising from the depths of the Indian Ocean and colorful underwater gardens with 65 different species of coral whose unusual shapes offer refuge to an infinite number of multicolored fish.


There is a very wide range of options for diving, which will not be difficult to find your marine oasis. Descend between the steep underwater walls, ancient naval wrecks and extraordinary caves. The Barrier Reef, or Reef, with its bright colors, for example, is a unique spectacle in the world and hosts a huge variety of animals and other organisms.


The boats, called dhoni, are equipped to offer services to scuba divers already in possession of a patent, and to carry out courses for beginners. For those who do not like diving, it will be possible to enjoy a very wide variety of water sports. Feel absolutely free to ask our staff on site.


Your home away from home, in full Italian style, is the ideal place for you and your family, for the couple or a group of friends, to relax and remember how pleasant life can be.

The Baglioni Resort Maldives is waiting for you.

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