15 Awesome Facebook Groups for Italy Lovers

View of Rome from the Penthouse Suite at Baglioni Hotel Regina Photo by Baglioni Hotels

Facebook Groups are a key part of social media. They connect specific groups of people with a common interest, like those  head over heels in love with Italy like us at Italian Talks!

These groups allow you to view and share updates, photos and posts related to the things you care about with others who share your passion for all things Italian.

Since at Italian Talks we are constantly looking to make connections with those who share our passion,  we’ve  decided to share 15 of our  favorite Facebook groups for Italy lovers. These groups will help you really get under the skin of Italian culture.

Read on to discover, connect and enjoy!

[Note: to make some of the links below work you'll need to log in to Facebook]

1,000,000 People Passionate about Italy

“We are looking for 1,000,000 people on Facebook who are passionate about Italy and all things Italian. Join, invite your friends, and let us know what you love about Italy. Post to the wall or start a discussion. We want to know what is your favorite thing about Italy and Italian Culture.”

A favorite because this is a public  group with close to 5000 members and there is a lot of activity and engagement with members. The posted content is wide-ranging from recipes to photos to travel stories, etc. Posts are mainly in English though some are in Italian.


Wine from Italy

“Wine from Italy: notizie e consigli sul vino italiano! Valorizzazione delle piccole realtà ricercate, ma anche una guida all’acquisto per sui nomi prestigiosi!”

Wine from Italy: news and tips on Italian wine! Selected small enterprises are showcased as well as a shopping guide for some of the most prestigious labels!

This group has more than 1500 members and we like it as a wonderful way to learn about wines in Italy, as well as the right foods to pair with them. You’ll be able to advance your understanding of the Italian language since most posts are in Italian.


The Sons and Daughters of Italy

“One of the most important visions of this group is to preserve our Italian culture, especially in light of  our ancestors. We endeavor to teach and remind our children about our common ancestry in food, places, people, attitude, character, soul and spirit of being Italian–which is the soul of our ethnic identity. We also endeavor to preserve our natural Italian language (della lingua italiana), in order for this and the next generation to capture and appreciate the beauty of our “Romance Language.”

A popular active Facebook group we like because of the large following and frequency of posts. It’s like being part of a family.

FB 3

Italian Cuisine, Culture and Travel

“Post anything regarding Italian cuisine, culture or travel: tips, recipes, places to shop, delicious restaurants, trattorie, cafe’s, ingredients, traditions, travel advice/tips, wisdom, you name it.”

A favorite because of its focus on Italian food and regional cuisine: is there anywhere better than Italy for gastro-tourism?


Sicilian Pride

“For those who are proud of their Sicilian background, traditions, and the history of who we are as Sicilians; and how we became the people we are today… ”

A great group for anyone with Sicilian roots or who loves to experience all things Sicilian as part of the worldwide Sicilian family.


Vino Italiano – The Italian Winelovers Group

“A group created by www.wineblogroll.com  for all lovers (professionals and not) of Italian wine.
WineBlogRoll.com is the blog created by Winelover Francesco Saverio Russo.
The first blog that offers a steady and continuous press review of articles published by the best Italian Wine & Food blogs and international.”

www.wineblogroll.com ha creato questo gruppo per tutti gli amanti (addetti ai lavori e non) del Vino italiano.
WineBlogRoll.com è il Blog ideato dal Winelover Francesco Saverio Russo.
Primo blog che propone una rassegna stampa costante e continua degli articoli pubblicati dai migliori Wine & Food blogs italiani ed internazionali.”

One of our favourite groups! This is a public forum with over 2500 members discussing Italian wine in Italian. Great for wine lovers who speak (or are learning) italian.


Italian Luxury

“Gruppo dedicato alle eccellenze italiane nel campo delle calzature, accessori ed abbigliamento MADE IN ITALY” https://www.facebook.com/groups/497691850279081/

We enjoy interacting with this group of more than 1000 members. Most posts written in Italian with a heavy accent on Italian fashion.


Portal Italy

“Portal Italy or PI welcomes everyone interested in Italy or all things that are Italian.  Grazie!”

We like this smaller closed group because the members are passionate about all things Italian, from food to news, to travel to politics.

FB 5

Italian Language and Culture

“Gruppo dedicato alla cultura italiana, la quale include: la lingua, l’arte, la storia, la scienza, la geografia, la musica, la moda, la cucina e le tradizioni italiane. Per favore non postare link di politica. Vi prego di rispettare le regole e concentrare i link sulla
lingua e la cultura italiana. La pagina si concentra sul positivo dell’ Italia”

“A group dedicated to Italian culture, which includes language, art, history, science, geography, music, fashion, cooking and Italian traditions, focusing on the positive aspects of Italy.”

This group has a very active member base of over 5000 who post frequently on a wide range of topics with the exception of politics. We like that they focus on the positive.


Toscani nel Mondo

“The group toscaninelmondo.org
is the site of the Tuscans abroad”


“Gruppo del sito toscaninelmondo.org
il sito dei Toscani all’estero”

Another great group connecting Tuscans all over the world and anyone who loves this region. This group of over 3300 members posts in Italian about all things Tuscany, one of our favourite regions!


In love with Rome…and Italy!

“This group is for anyone who lives, works,studies,loves or just misses Rome and the Italian way of life…”

We like this small group of people who adore Rome. The members post their favourite photos and posts about the Eternal City, which we can’t help but be seduced by every time we visit.


Traveling to Italy

“I started this group so  people could share information and experiences/photos on their travels to Italy, and so people who are planning to go can ask questions and get recommendations. Please invite friends who have been, or are going, to Italy and share the group. Also, please caption your photos with the location. We all want to know the location of your beautiful photos that we should be jealous of! This is your page! Tour operators, business owners, bloggers, etc are all welcome to post in the group.”

Another of our favourites because you can ask a question or post information about Italy travel and engage with others traveling to Bella Italia. A useful resource.


Italian Food Wine and Travel

“This is a monthly bloggers group that focuses on all regions of Italy with monthly features showcasing a particular region and the food, wine or travel from there.”

Italian Talks likes this small Facebook group where bloggers talk about wine, food and travel in Italy.


Italian Art

“Italian ceramic art  handmade and handpainted. Unique and exclusive made in Italy.”

This niche group is focused solely on ceramic art made in Italy, with some exquisite items for sale.


Italians in London

“Gruppo dedicato alla comunità Italiana di Londra da cui nasce e si sviluppa il progetto di Londra da Vivere”
“A group dedicated to the Italian community in London  which was the source of the Experiencing London project.

A special group Italian Talks likes because this London community is passionate about all things Italian. One more place to hone up on your Italian language skills as well. And if you’re passing through London don’t miss their frequent “aperitivi” and parties!

Last but not least, a bonus (16th!) page: the Baglioni Hotels community on Facebook, dedicated to Italian hospitality and style with 72,000 fans from all over the world.

Baglioni FB pic

Baglioni Hotels

Baglioni Hotels on Facebook brings together a global community while exuding Italian warmth typical of this family-owned collection of luxury hotels – and we have to disclose they are also the founders and visionaries behind Italian Talks! So we highly recommend you visit them on Facebook when planning your next trip to Italy:

The above Facebook groups provide ample opportunities to network and engage other Italy lovers in conversation as well as learn more about Italy. Post a photo, share some words of wisdom about Italy,  publish a post, and learn from others too.

Join the community and share your love of Italy on social media!

Featured photo: View of Rome from the Penthouse Suite at Baglioni Hotel Regina – Photo by Baglioni Hotels

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