Moreno Cedroni: the “multi-star winner” lands in London

Moreno Cedroni

What is the connection between you and your land, your country?
It’s a very strong connection. Certainly, if I weren’t born and hadn’t grown up in the Marche, if my mother’s recipes hadn’t inspired my cooking, I would never have got to this point and I would never have been able to give my dishes a strong regional feel.

How did your love for Italy influence and continue to influence your profession?
I show my love for Italy, as a chef, through my recipes, celebrating its products, our producers, our flavours, almost a sort of respect for our country. This respect has led to a perfect fusion between what is in my DNA and everything that I have discovered in the culinary traditions of the countries that I’ve visited.

Which places are closest to your heart?
In Italy, Rome without a doubt or the uncontaminated beaches of Sardinia.

What places are your refuges, the places that inspire you?
Portonovo in Monte Conero where there’s Clandestino: turquoise water, broom and lavender, the smell of Mediterranean scrub melding with the salt sea, the small church on the bay, the places that touch my heart and stimulate my creativity. They take away any anxiety, worries and give you a new perspective.

Which places can’t you stay away from?
From home. It’s nice to travel the world but when I get home, it’s always special.

What places off the beaten track – those that are not widely known – can a foreign tourist, or an Italian, just not miss?
I have to repeat myself here: the Marche, naturally. My region. It’s been in the shadow of Tuscany and Umbria for many years but now, thanks to its places, food, wine and culture, it is becoming more and more popular. The Riviera del Conero, Loreto, Frasassi Grottos, Urbino.

What does Cedroni miss the most when he’s not in Italy?
Spaghetti with tomato sauce.

Moreno Cedroni - CR. F. Brambilla & S. SerraniMoreno Cedroni - CR. Francesca Brambilla & Serena SerraniMoreno Cedroni - CR. Giovanni MalgariniMoreno At BaglioniAmberjack, leek sauce, basil and pansy - CR. Francesca Brambilla & Serena SerraniLukewarm carpaccio of sea bass with lime purèe and rocket sauceTortellini with Parmisan, tomato sauce and raw meat - CR. Francesca Brambilla & Serena Serrani

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