Svegliamuseo – A Wake-up Call for Italy’s Museums

Photo Taken at MuSe in Trento by Dega180

Perhaps not all non-Italian readers of Italian Talks will be aware of the many Italian museums that do not have an online presence. Perhaps many of you have become familiar with Italy’s culture, art and history from afar, thanks to Google images, Wikipedia and the websites of Italian museums.

But you may not be aware that Italy has far more museums than you can find on the Internet and some of them are truly amazing. The only problem is that they are not always effective in communicating online, either because they don’t have the tools or funds required to upgrade their communication strategies, or because they still don’t fully appreciate the potential of these tools.

On this matter, I’d like to present the #svegliamuseo project, set up almost on a whim a few months ago to highlight the low online visibility of Italian museums online and suggest ways to help to them.

The project is run by 4 young Italians: Francesca, Aurora, Federica and Alessandro, all museum enthusiasts with degrees in archaeology. They have set to work to get advice on using digital tools effectively by tapping the expertise of communication managers of museums in other countries.

The goal is to conduct 10 interviews with 10 foreign museums in order to “wake up” 10 Italian museums in the area of digital communication. The main areas of discussion will be the characteristics of a good website, how to use social media, museum blogs and the use of special campaigns that have been particularly engaging. Each of the overseas museum managers is also asked to put themselves in the shoes of an Italian colleague and suggest actions they would take if they found themselves in their position. And to do so while keeping in mind the fundamental hurdle faced by anyone working within the culture sector in Italy: lack of budget.

#svegliamuseo thus aims to compile a list of best practices and tips which will be of genuine use to Italian museums to help them understand the potential of online tools and suggest practical ways to use them in their day-to-day management. In order for our message to get through loud and clear, we are writing a series of in-depth articles which we are sharing on various social networks.

We’re also interviewing some of the Italian museums that are already using online communication tools successfully, such as the Mart in Rovereto, the MUSE in Trento and the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan. The final results of the project will be published in a free e-book that will be available on our website and which we are already working on in collaboration with other young web and social network professionals.

Find out more about the project on our website and you can also take part in the lively communities on Facebook and Twitter.


Our names are Francesca De Gottardo, Aurora Raimondi Cominesi, Federica Rossi and Alessandro D’Amore. If you’d like to get involved or you want to let us know about interesting museum initiatives or just want more information, contact us on

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Photo Taken at MuSe in Trento by Dega180National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan Photo by Jakub Halun

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