Travel tips for the Maldives


Come to discover Baglioni Resort Maldives, one of the Maldives top luxury resorts for a one-of-a-kind blend of easygoing beach vibes and Italian style.

Take a look at these travel tips to Maldives islands before you head there!


Being a Muslim place, even tourists are required to follow some basic rules during their stay in the Maldives. As for the beach is absolutely forbidden nudism and topless except in resorts with private beach or in deserted islands.


Women must necessarily cover their shoulders and legs up to the knees, while if you visit mosques are also to cover the arms and legs. Alcohol consumption is moderate, although its personal introduction is not allowed.

If you find yourself in the Maldives during the holy period, that is, during Ramadan, tourists also do not have to eat or drink in public. Same-sex couples are not accepted, as they are prohibited by law, so it is advisable to reserve your effusions in the hotel room. Tip to waiters and resort staff, both individual and overall, is very welcome and recommended, as they will then be divided among the staff based on the role played.



If you decide to make a trip to the Maldives it is important to take into account the weather, so you have to choose the best time. If you look at various graphs on the net, you can see that the Maldives enjoys a higher turnout in the winter period, especially in January, February and March.

3. Deep_blue

It may be strange, but it is not, as those are the months when less millimeters of rain fall, enjoy temperatures that are around 31-34 degrees C, less humidity and less wind.



Unfortunately in the Maldives our four-legged friends are not allowed. Therefore, if you want to take a trip here you will need to find someone to look after the animal for the entire time of your stay.


It is useless to look for various documents that allow their admission, as the entry of these poor puppies is strictly forbidden by law.




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