When you visit Venice, remember….

Venice - photo by Aaron Crossley

Venice is like no other city on Earth.

It is another world that transports you back in time to an era of empire, religion and a trading platform that produced quality over quantity. When you visit Venice, the city that defies the waters, please remember that you walk upon the achievement of a vanishing people.

Holidays in Venice can bring you some of the most memorable moments you will ever experience. When you think about the city you think of gondoliers, ice cream, prosecco and fine Italian meals. The palazzi and castelli that house architectural designs inspired by Gothic, Turkish and even Venice’s own Palladian styles can be seen around every corner and across every bridge. The streets are kept clean; the shops full of stock and the local population are always welcoming to everyone that comes to admire their beloved city.

Venice Architecture Photo by Aaron Crossley

Yet, this is not the true Venice. The true Venice has defied invading forces, plagues and battling families. It built up enormous wealth with its industries in printing, weapons and most importantly glass. On every wall you can see the scars of time, on every bridge you can see the ghostly footsteps of ages past and on the water you can almost imagine the great ships that would have been the chariots of the sea sailing the known world to trade, invade and conquer.

This is the true history of Venice, a city that has defied Popes, armies and whole nations, a city that has tamed the marshes and built upon them some of the most inspirational cathedrals, palaces and villas the world has ever seen. In Venice a phantom nation is nested.

Venice - Photo by Aaron Crossley

Each doorway holds a story of struggle, festival or even power. Each roof has captured a tale that has defined the city that you now step on. The city is a site of story, of legend and of myth, it sits upon a sea that was once worshiped for its universal message of movement and cleansing.

This article is not telling you to read up on the 1000 year old history of Venice, it is asking you, for a while at least, to forget about the wonderful meals and gondola rides, it’s asking you to remember the men and women that built the very city that pours love into your heart.

Photo by Aaron Crossley in Venice

Remember that the city is more than just about tourism and a nice holiday; it is an ancient world that needs to be remembered, respected and protected.

–Aaron Crossley
Aaron Crossley is a Heritage Professional, writing and commenting on how governments and organizations protect and conserve our global heritage. Follow him on Twitter and read his blog on Venice at http://keystovenice.wordpress.com/

Photos by Aaron Crossley

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