A Bellavista Limited Edition dedicated to the Teatro alla Scala


2004 was a magical year for us.
In Franciacorta the vintage immediately seemed extraordinary, equal to that of the distant 1984, the year in which it was decided in Bellavista to create a wine capable of expressing, in the deepest and most authentic way, those qualities of nature preserved in the raw material of this land. A wine of great elegance and character, strong-willed and full of energy, that would convey the personality of Vittorio Moretti, my father. Thus was born the Vittorio Moretti reserve. Twenty years later the magic was repeated with a perfect harvest, in which the balance and energy of Franciacorta were expressed once again through the notes of our Chardonnay and Pinot Noir in a unique alchemy. This shows, at the same time, the longevity to which Bellavista wines are destined by a specific 'intention' that, going against the tide of fashion, seeks in the bubbles a rare combination of power, speed and lightness.

But 2004 was a unique year also for musical culture, as the Teatro alla Scala, after several years of restorative works, was reopened to the public in an evening that will be remembered in history. And Bellavista had the privilege to be part of this story, celebrating this unique event as the "wine of honor." From this moment, a friendship was born that for many years has bound us to the Teatro alla Scala.

Thus, in the early months of 2005 when during the tasting we met with the winemaker Mattia Vezzola to enter into the depths of the selections that would then compose our cuvée, we quickly realized that this year, 2004, should be held in reserve for a future project. For some time, in fact, the Theatre had been asking us to set aside a special reserve for them, a wine that would represent both the Theatre’s values and its name to serve as the sparkling wine for the inaugural toast at La Scala.
In such a difficult historic moment for the cultural bodies, we felt responsible therefore to strengthen our commitment and make available to wine and music lovers this rare selection of the Reserve that we have been preserving in our cellars since 2004. And thus we have created the Vittorio Moretti 2004 Teatro alla Scala Limited Edition, with a specially designed bottle and inspired by the three upcoming Premieres on December 7.
At the end of three years, the initiative will involve concrete assistance to young talents of the Accademia della Scala.

This Franciacorta has been produced in a limited edition and is composed of 50 selections from vineyards more than twenty years old and which are exposed to the south or southeast. And like all precious things, a reserve takes time, and so it has lain in the vaults of Bellavista for seven years and aged with cork.
It is a Limited Edition made entirely by hand, from the harvest, to the remuage, to degorgement, to labelling; we also wanted to bring to light the traditional way of fastening the cork, with clips manually affixed to each bottle, as only the highest Italian artisanal tradition can do.

I wanted the bottle to express the energy and passion inherent in this wine, and for this reason chose a small studio capable of integrating the artistic values to which we aspire at Bellavista into the product. We started from the actual score of the main themes of Lohengrin, shown us by La Scala; of several hand-drawn models, one became the theme for the image on the packaging and the distinguishing feature that wraps around the bottle. The entire packaging of the bottle is handcrafted, because some details, such as the affixing of the seal, the special label and the score, could only be done by hand. Not just an exercise in style, but a choice consistent with the method of craftsmanship that gives shape and style to our every Reserve.
For a memorable toast to music and to our country.

Francesca Moretti, CEO wine area Terra Moretti Group

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