Your magical wedding in Punta Ala


“Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love was born in the spring from the foam of the sea. As soon as it emerged from the waves, on a shell of mother-of-pearl, as soon as the goddess took her first steps on the beach, the flowers bloomed under her feet, and immediately the Hours came to her, the Charites, Peito, persuasion, Potos, desire, Himeros and lust, to welcome her, honor her and serve her. They dressed her in a beautiful dress and a belt, put gold and gemstone ears on her ears, bracelets on her wrists, and a necklace shining around her neck. From the sky came a chariot of gems, pulled by two doves, the goddess went up there and was thus taken into Heaven…”

Thus wrote Esiodo, he was an ancient Greek poet, whose works date back to the period between the end of the 8th century and the beginning of the 7th century BC. If what you have always dreamed of is a relaxed and romantic wedding with the sound of the waves as background, you can only choose the Baglioni Resort Cala del Porto.


We find ourselves on the tongue of land that extends immediately after Follonica, in Tuscany, the Maremma behind us. A place immersed in nature that rises exactly between the sea and the forest. A magical location, overlooking a clear and uncontaminated sea. Say the fateful “yes” in front of a crystalline bay, in a corner of paradise, where you can make your promise of eternal love even more solemn.



Overlooking the bay of the Gulf of Punta Ala, in the Tuscan Maremma, the Baglioni Resort Cala del Porto is the ideal destination for your wedding celebration. Crystal clear sea, private beach and an incomparable panorama on the islands of the Archipelago are the main ingredients for a Mediterranean wedding, with a wedding ceremony on the beach and cocktails by the pool! Leave the whole organization to us and allow yourself a little relaxation before the big day: days on the beach, walks through the natural paths or the pampering of our wellness center.


Make the most special day of your life a truly memorable day immersed in the placid and ethereal atmosphere of the Baglioni Resort Cala Del Porto.

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