Steve Jobs stirs the crowds in Turin

Woz e Steve - Apple-1

The Regional Museum of Natural Sciences in Turin will host the first exhibition in Italy entirely dedicated to the visionary genius and founder of Apple from December 1, 2011 to February 26, 2012.

This exhibition boasts one of the largest collections in the world of PCs and retraces the most important stages of the career and private life of Steve Paul Jobs (1955-2011), better known simply as Steve Jobs, by remodeling certain theme areas, and offers interactive paths and multimedia archives.

The incredibly rare Apple-1 will also be on display, the first computer created by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in 1976 in his home garage.

Much like Henry Ford and Thomas Edison, this charismatic pioneer's feats are among the most influential in contemporary history and cannot be limited to just one technical realm:  Pixar and iTunes are, as a matter of fact, only two of the innovations authored by Steve Jobs which have revolutionized the way we perceive communication, be it visual or musical.

In his biography, Jobs surprises our Italian soul by sharing with us a brief anecdote of his short trip to Italy, back when he worked for Atari: "I had two wonderful weeks. Turin is an industrial city full of life. The distributor was really an odd type. He would bring me to dine every evening in a place where there we're only eight tables and not the scratch of a menu. You'd just tell the host what you wanted to eat and he'd prepare it for you on the spot. One of the tables was permanently reserved for Fiat's President. Simply fantastic".

This too is a reason why it had to be Turin to first host and convey his passion for technology, innovation, and life, which has made us all "more foolish and hungry".

Woz e Steve - Apple-1 - Steve Jobs e Steve Wozniak con l’Apple-1, 1976ADV apple II - Pubblicità Apple II, anni SettantaApple-1 still life - Appe-1 completo di scatola, monitor e tastiera, 2011for sale - Steve Jobs nel 1976 vende il suo furgoncino Volkswagen per finanziare la fondazione della Apple: il capitale sociale iniziale ammonta a poco più di € 1.000,00 (credit: Dario Dinocca)furgoncino Steve - Ricostruzione del furgoncino Volkswagen di Steve Jobs, tipico della cultura hippy: Steve ne possedeva uno dall’età di 18 anni (credit: Dario Dinocca)tavolo lavoro 01 - Ricostruzione del tavolo di lavoro nel garage di casa Jobs (credit: Dario Dinocca)

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