The America’s Cup lands in Venice


Think of the inimitable beauties of the city of Venice, of its monuments, art, and history, and add a sports event that attracts interest across the globe. Well then: all of these and much more are waiting for you at the America's Cup in the upcoming unmissable leg in the Venetian lagoon from May 12 to 20, 2012.
The new format of the race includes several different types of competition categories: a full speed trial, a match race event, and a series of fleet regattas in which nine identical AC45's compete against each other. The challenges of the AC World Series will be marked by narrow and short routes, boat races that captivate the attention of both fans hooked to their TV screens and those lucky ones who will enjoy the show live along the docks. Those who instead don't quite make it getting close to the viewing stands can watch the event on the many big screens set up in several locations of the city.
The mayor of Venice, too, Giorgio Orsoni, has welcomed the news that his city was awarded the honor to host the Cups' leg race with great enthusiasm: "Venice is deeply tied to sailing, it is inseparably bonded to its sea, which has over the course of history marked its successes and has made it what we see today. The America's Cup will be a fantastic opportunity to once again assert the city's natural vocation to the world at large and to make its star shine in the world's firmament."
The public administration of Venice has moreover undertaken commitment to organize an impact-free event, with special care taken in using only recyclable materials and renewable energy sources.
The organizing staff's efforts however don't just end here: as a matter of fact, as well as the sports races on schedule, the program will also showcase side events that are most definitely up to par with expectations, with concerts and evening shows that will entertain visitors between one race and the other.
The representatives of the participating teams and a large part of the events will be hosted at the Arsenal of Venice; built in 1100 as a shipyard and ship depot, it now is used as one of the exhibition premises of the Biennial of Venice, which confers greater exclusivity and appeal to the event.

Venice so succeeds to not only to win over the admirers of its magnificent architecture, but also sailing fans all over the world. Simply put, there truly are all the ingredients to satisfy every type of visitor!

America's Cup VeneziaAmerica's Cup VeneziaAmerica's Cup VeneziaAmerica's Cup Venezia - @2011 ACER/RICCARDO PINTO

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